Philly Using Sound Most Can't Hear To Keep Teens Away From Parks At Night

Well, this is interesting. FOX29 reports that over 30 Philly parks are making sure this summer that they don’t become a total teen hangout after the sun goes down by playing a very “ear piercing” ring once curfew starts. They say that the parks are all now equipped with tiny speakers that will emit the sound, and the “sonic technology” is called ‘The Mosquito’ because it is not only good at repelling bugs, but also effective on teens ears! The VERY interesting part - most adults are immune to it!

The sonic system is a part of a total park overhaul coming over $300,000. Parents are also hoping it will help keep the new playground equipment looking nice, and deterring anyone from hanging out too late, or vandalizing any of the equipment.

The true test - can YOU hear it? Click right here to hear it!


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