'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Looking To Film In May's Landing!

Is MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” coming to May’s Landing? It’s looking possible — the Hamilton Township Council (of which Mays Landing is a part) met on Monday night to discuss the show’s proposal to film in Atlantic County for a few days, but tabled it for now.

One of the committeeman found the letter asking to film too vague and wants to make sure that whatever filming is done sheds a good light on the city and the township. The show wants to film at a "private location" for only a few days in August, so technically they probably could do it without the township's A-OK, but it looks like they wanted to be safe rather than sorry!

The show had previously filmed in Seaside Heights and Atlantic City last year, but was denied filming in Wildwood last year after concerns about it desiring to remain a family-friendly destination.

They'll have to decide soon, since the show planned to film in a few weeks - we certainly hope they get to do it!


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