Thousands Pledge To Raid Area 51 To "See Them Aliens", Twitter Reacts

An event on Facebook for alien hunters to raid the infamous Area 51 in Nevada has officially gone viral, and now over 300,000 people are on the quest to “see them aliens”, as they put it!

The event on Facebook is called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” and it’s invited people from around the *WORLD* to join what they call the “Naruto Run” (a Japanese manga-inspired running style featuring “arms outstretched backwards and heads forward”) into the area.

The hilarious event page says that if everyone RSVPs, the event will take place on September 20th. Area 51 has been infamously rumored as a site for aliens for decades, but there’s never been any concrete proof.

Twitter was at its best, as usual, with hilarious reactions to the event - check them out below:



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