Meghan McCain Calls Joy Behar The B-Word On The View During Debate (WATCH)

Things got heated on Wednesday’s “The View” when things finally boiled over between co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar, with Whoopi Goldberg having to step in for a second. The two were debating President Trump’s rally in Florida this week, and Whoopi had to interrupt the two who started to get a little bit louder. She asked everyone to just take a second and chill, with McCain adding she was the sacrificial Republican everyday, and once Meghan said that, Bear added a bit of a mock sympathy, and Meghan shot back, “Don’t feel bad for me, b—“ as the audience audibly gasped. She added, “I get paid to do this.”

Sunny Hostin jumped right in, saying they shouldn’t call each other that name, and McCain added that she and Joy refer to each other like that “all the time”, with Joy adding a smile but not saying something before Whoopi cut it all off to go to commercial. When they came back, McCain continued that the two call each other that a lot and that “I enjoy fighting with you and she enjoys fighting with me.” Behar added that she didn’t care that McCain said, and that they’ll fight and it’ll still be fine.

Sunny also added that she knows viewers might get offended, and Meghan added that “this probably isn’t the show for you if you’re offended easily” with Behar chiming in, “anyone offended will have to watch ‘The Talk’ instead.” The shade of it all!

Check out the clip below:

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