Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Is Coming To Film In Philly For Upcoming 5th Season!

Certainly didn’t expect this, but this is very cool! Whenever a big Netflix production comes to town, it’s a big deal! Netflix announced today that their Emmy-winning reboot of “Queer Eye” is actually coming to film in Philly for their upcoming 5th season!

Production for the season begins this month, so you may see the “fab five” (Bobby, Jonathan, Antoni, Tan, and Karamo) around town! Unfortunately, we won’t actually get to see the season until it premieres in 2020, but hey, maybe if you spot them around town, you can get a cameo! It sounds like most of the season will be filmed here, as previous seasons were set in different cities (first two in Atlanta, 3rd and 4th in Kansas City)… which means, maybe five AND six will be filmed here!

We’ll keep you updated if hear anything else!

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