The 10 Biggest Decisions You Make In Your Life...

Let me ask you a question: What do YOU think is the biggest decision you are going to make in life? Having kids? Quitting your job?

According to a new survey of 2,000 adults, the biggest decision is...yes...the decision to have kids.

Check out the top ten on that list:

1. Whether or not to have kids.

2. Getting married.

3. A big move to a new home.

4. Learning to drive.

5. When to retire.

6. Buying property with your significant other.

7. Deciding to break-up when you're in a serious relationship.

8. Figuring out how to save or spend your money.

9. Getting a divorce.

10. Quitting a job.

I guess the biggest decision would change almost yearly and what stage you are in life!

I'm getting close to that "Am I having kids ever?" stage because of my dating life...but that's another story for another time! :)


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