Harry and Meghan Broke Royal Tradition With the Unveiling of Baby Archie!

If you keep up with the Kardas...er...Royal Family, you know tradition is their forte. Everyone in the family go through the royal traditions when courting, getting married, and unveiling babies.

Well, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle decided to break tradition with the normal unveiling of the Royal Baby, Archie!

Usually, the royal family unveils the baby for the first time in public right outside the hospital...it's tradition.

Royal Babies: John Redman / AP, Afp / AFP / Getty Images

However, Harry and Meghan are HUGE on privacy and instead of the huge press reveal in the streets of England, they decided to do a small media event in the Royal Palace. Check out the photo below.

Hey, I'm all about privacy. This is pretty cool.



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