VIDEO: Delaware Firefighters Save Dog from House Fire

Hats off to the firefighters in New Castle, Delaware. This weekend, they came to the rescue of a dog who was trapped inside a house fire. 6ABC was on the scene and recorded the whole thing. The family inside the house was able to get out but they weren't able to get their dog out in time. Luckily firefighters battling the fire were able to get the dog out in time.

According to the American Humane here are some tips on what to do to practice fire safety with your pet:

  • Practice an evacuation plan that includes taking your pet with you
  • Put a decal in the front window letting firefighters know how many and what kind of pets you have
  • Make sure your pet always wears his/her collar with your information
  • Know your pets hideaways and create easy access to them in case of an emergency
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are up to date
  • Try to grab a leash or carrier when you leave the house so that your pet can be contained once you get outside
  • If you can't find your pet, leave the door open and call to him/her from a safe distance away.

Screenshot: 6ABC

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