Peeps Season Is Here, And They Have New Flavors...And A Cereal?!

Well, well, well...Peeps is back for the upcoming Easter season with a trick up their sleeves.

Peeps is releasing NEW flavors, some you may not have asked for, this Easter.

They include:

"Root Beer Float"

"Vanilla Crème"

"Chocolate Caramel Swirl"

"Blue Raspberry"

"Pancakes & Syrup"

"Cotton Candy"

"Orange Sherbet Fudge-Dipped"

New Peeps flavors!

Now, I'm not sure who decided on these flavors, but I kind of want to try the Pancakes & Syrup flavored Peeps to confirm maybe how weird and disgusting it could be. But who knows? It could surprise me and be a party in my mouth.

Let's not forget about the Peeps Limited Edition Cereal from Kelloggs...but I won't go there.

Peeps Cereal


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