Someone Photoshopped Smiles on Eminem Photos And They Are Amazing

Things you can't unsee...Eminem smiling instead of frowning.

This. Is. Amazing.

Photoshop aficionado Mike Brown loves to photoshop smiles on artists that like to be all serious in their photos. He uses the hashtag #MakeEmSmile and I think this is his best one yet.

The most famous person to 'not smile' in his photos? Eminem. Slim Shady. Marshall Mathers.

So, Mike decides to #MakeEmSmile with his collection of Eminem photos with smiles.

Prepare to be amazed at how much it makes a difference in Slim Shady's photos. can't unsee this. Click in the gallery to see the before and after photos.

The one below is probably my favorite...

Check out more Em smiling/not smiling photos on Mike Brown's FB or here.


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