Chipotle Now Has Drive-Thru 'Chipotlanes'


If you LOVE Chipotle, then you'll love what they're rolling out!

Chipotle is now offering drive-thru service known as 'Chipotlanes.' The bad news is, there are only 10 locations that have 'Chipotlanes' (for now) in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. The good news is, Chipotle will be expanding this year by opening up a few dozen more drive-thrus across the U.S. So, hopefully they'll be coming to us VERY SOON!

Here's the catch, you'll have to pre-order on their mobile app ahead of time before picking it up at the drive-thru window. So it's not your typical "drive-thru" restaurant. It's almost like a "curbside to go" thing but you "drive-thru" (did I confuse you?).

These are perfect for the lazy days in the car when you want to eat in peace!


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