Fiji Water Girl Gets an Award

And the winner is Fiji Water Girl! Model Kelleth Cuthbert was the internet famous Fiji Water Girl that photobombed so many celebs on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Part of her amazingness is she knew exactly where the pictures were being taken and gave the camera a good stare!

Kelleth is rightfully riding her 15 minutes by accepting an award for "Best Support Actress On a Red Carpet" from E!

In the speech she thanks some of the celebs she photobombed including Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans "for allowing me the space to have my best angle."

Most importantly she wanted to shout out water. "I'd like to thank water. If these celebs weren't so thirsty, I wouldn't have been able to serve the way that I did," she said. "My performance would've truly not been possible without you."

Check out her acceptance video here: 



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