Dua Lipa: Song with Ariana Grande Probably Isn't Going to Come Out

Dua Lipa was just at our Q102 Jingle Ball presented by Capital One last week and rocked the Wells Fargo. She made her way up to New York to be on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live. On the show, the singer talked about her Grammy nominations as well as some of the rumors going around. 

One of the questions: is she going to sing the next James Bond theme song??? She said that while she'd love to, she hasn't been asked yet. That's a bummer. Dua Lipa would be awesome singing the James Bond title and I think she'd be awesome playing a role in the movie. 

A caller asked whether a song she's turned down turned into a hit. She said, yes, but didn't give any more info because she didn't want to take away from the artist that did sing the song, which is pretty nice of her. 

There were some rumors swirling that Dua Lipa wasn't friends with Taylor Swift after she chose Kanye over Taylor in a who'd-you-rather style game. Don't worry Swifites, she wasn't taking sides, it was just what she was into musically. 

Finally, she told Andy Cohen that she and Ariana Grande did do a song together, but the timing didn't work out to release it. She added that she loves Ariana, "I love everything she does," and hopefully they can do another song together. 

I'm hoping that one day we'll hear that unreleased track with the two of them. I'm sure it's a great song, but sometimes it comes down to timing and it seems like the timing wasn't right. What do you think?

Take a look at the interview below. 



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