Marshmello Finally Talks? He "Chats" With Raph At Q102 Jingle Ball!

Well, even Raph wearing the Marshmello head gear wasn't enough to get Marshmello to talk, but we DID get some answers out of him! Luckily, Marshmello has great penmanship - he wrote his answers to Raph's hard hitting questions on a whiteboard. It all went down backstage on the red carpet at Q102 Jingle Ball! Scroll down further for the entire video of the interview with Raph.

In terms of whether he'd want to travel back in time or into the future? He says back in time!

What is Marshmello's biggest food craving? SUSHI! Did not expect that one!

What is the super power that Marshmello would want the most? He wants to FLY! Surprised he wouldn't want to talk.... just once! 

Favorite TV show? The Office, of course! 

We also had him scratch off some NJ Lottery tix -- find out if he won or not!

Check out the full interview with Marshmello below:

It's all brought to you by New Jersey Lottery!

Raph Dressed By: Mitchell & Ness, Macy's

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