Camila Cabello Reveals What's In Store for 2019 At Q102 Jingle Ball!

Third up on our Q102 Jingle Ball red carpet backstage was none other than the fabulous Camila Cabello! What was even better? Her Buddy the Elf ONESIE! Talk about being festive! You can watch the full interview below!

How does it feel to be Camilla in 2018, with all the success including platinum singles, "Havana" and "Never Be The Same." How does Camilla feel? "Yeah, I mean it's been so awesome and I'm just, ya know, so excited for everything that's next! I feel like me and my fans have gone on such a journey this year!"

Fun fact: That onesie that she was wearing? One of her FANS gave it to her! Shout out to Aurora! 

What is coming up for Camilla in 2019? She can't say *A LOT* but she did tell us that there WILL be new music coming! She also divulged that she recently worked with Ed Sheeran, and that "some things came out of that" -- but we don't know exactly what yet! 

As for Grammy nominations that are coming out this Friday, Camilla says that she's excited but she doesn't want to get her hopes up too high! We stan a humble queen!

Check out the full interview below!

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