5 Tweets About #Q102JingleBall That Perfect Express How We Feel Right Now

In the midst of my anxiety about #Q102JingleBall presented by Capital One just being DAYS AWAY -- I decided to procrastinate from my work (even more than I already do) to STAN the hashtag on Twitter to see what all our fellow Quties (yes -- I did just give us a fanbase name... everyone else has one why can't we?!) are saying about the SOLD OUT SHOW that's gonna be taking over the Wells Fargo Center on Dec. 5th that will feature our favorite artists that are completely concurring the radio waves right now, including: 

Shawn Mendes -- hello #MendesArmy

Camila Cabello -- Where the #camilizers at?! 

5SOS -- waddup #5SOSfam

Marshmello -- shout out to the Philly born DJ!

G-Eazy -- fandom name: #TheHumanRace ?? OKUR

Calvin Harris -- we all love him, let's be real. 

Dua Lipa -- #Loves her fandom... which is why thats their name

Bazzi -- we don't know his fan base name... but whatever he's #beautiful 

Monsta X -- #Monbebe holla! 

So here are the TOP 5 TWEETS that perfectly describe how we're all feeling right now. 

For example, this chick who just get's it -- this is literally happening to all of us in the Q102 Studios rn!


And Michele, who's tellin' it like it is... we all woke up hating the fact that today is Monday, but the second we realized #Q102Jingleball is literally around the corner we can hang. 


But let's be real, we're all like Nicole -- time flew way too fast and we had NO TIME to mentally prepare for how big this SOLD OUT SHOW is gonna be! LIKE NO TIME AT ALL REALLY.


Let the countdowns continue... even tho I don't think any of us will ever be ready for how CRAZY this lineup and show at the Wells Fargo Center is gonna be! It's LITERALLY gonna take down the house! 


And shout out to everyone that's traveling to see the BEST lineup in iHeartRadio history! Safe travels and see you soon 😘 We can all be anxious together because it's HAPPENING! 


But then there's people like myself and Raph who clearly just drink way too much coffee and stalk the artists that are coming to the show all night long to hype ourselves up even more!




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