Nick Jonas' and Priyanka Chopra's Wedding Has Started

I'm so excited!! Last week Priyanka Chopra Instagrammed some cute pictures of her and Nick in India. Well sources say that they've officially started their puja ceremony at Priyanka's mom's house. Unlike in the states, where a wedding is a one-day affair, Hindu weddings sometimes last for several days. 

The Puja Ceremony is where you show reverence to a god, a spirit and it includes prayers, songs, and rituals. 

Leading to more speculation that the wedding has already started is the fact that Nick's brother, Joe, was seen in India with his fiancee Sophie Turner. 

Priyanka and Nick have a few more ceremonies to be a part of including, Sangeet, Mehendi, and Haldi. The official ceremony will happen this weekend. It's also believed that they will have a Christian ceremony later. 

Hindu weddings are typically very colorful, so I can't wait to see the pictures taken from the special day. Congrats guys!



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