10 Places That Make Philly The BEST For The Holidays

It's the GREATEST time of year, in the GREATEST city to put you into the Holiday spirit! 

A lot of times, I always thought I had to go to NYC to see the Rockefeller Tree/ Ice Rink / Macy's blah blah blah -- but why stress about the travel when you have AMAZING holiday activities right here in our beautiful city of Philadelphia! 

I've personally been relying on @visitphilly on Instagram to help me create the BEST holiday bucket list -- and already I've made a dent & ventured to most of these places...  before December even hits! 

So if you're trying to plan some cute little holiday dates or activities with your loved ones, here's my Holidays in Philly Bucket List


#1. Christmas Village in Love Park

I'm Italian, but let me tell you if being German means you can eat the Bratwurst at Christmas Village then HALLOπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Not only are the lights & small markets amazing inside Christmas Village, but the German style vendors made this quite the holiday experience! 


#2: City Hall Light Show

Right along the Christmas Village Path, you'll find the City Hall light show in Dilworth Park next to the skating rink! With a nice warm cup of hot cocoa in your hand this is the ULTIMATE holiday experience if you ask me. 


#3: Blue Cross RiverRink

If the Dilworth Park rink doesn't do it for ya, don't worry-- the options are endless when it comes to ice skating in the city for the holidays! Check out the Blue Cross RiverRink that has a bunch of lodges and cabins for you to warm up in after a nice skate!


#4: Macy's Light Show

I've been to this Macy's light show with my family & I definitely agree with @visitphilly -- go when the crowds are lighter because when it's packed, it's quite overwhelming. But otherwise the most BEAUTIFUL light show display and one worth doing some shopping for 😍


#5: Franklin Square Electric Spectacle

In honor of Ben Franklin discovering electricity...the Franklin Square Electric Spectacle is one I'll never forget. I feel like one of those people who says "This is the best thing in the world" or "this is my favorite place" -- but then says that for everything πŸ˜‚ But that's just because there's literally so many amazing things about the holiday's in Philly! Franklin Square has AMAZING hot chocolate, Santa to take pictures with, and one of the BEST light shows!  (See what I mean). 


#6: The Kimmel Center

The Kimmel Center is amazing all year round, lets be real. But I've honestly never been there during the holidays and I think I should make this next on my bucket list cause who doesn't wanna see Santa perform with the famous Philly Pops orchestra! 


#7: Termini Pastries

I'm always in charge of baking for the holidays... but I may just start going to Termini's in South Philly or any locations in the City that their located because their pastries look UNREAL. I can validate that their cannoli is to DIE for. 


#8: Comcast Building Movies

I live right next door to the Comcast Building and can actually watch the movies from outside my window... so no I haven't actually been inside but next time I walk downstairs, I plan to stop in because there's no ticket needed to walk into their all-day shows! 


#9: Rittenhouse Square

I have yet to be, but a walk through Rittenhouse with all the lights is a beautiful sight. They also have a Menorah lighting happening on Dec 2nd! 


#10: Longwood Gardens

Last but NOT least! I've never been to Longwood Gardens but as long as I've lived outside of Philadelphia I've ALWAYS heard about how unreal it is. Which is why this is clearly on my bucketlist for the holidays, and it should be for you too! 



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