Philly Is One of the Most "Sinful Cities" in America

We're a naughty bunch down here in Philly and I wouldn't have it any other way! WalletHub came out with a list of the most sinful cities in America. The site looked at excessive drinking, adult entertainment establishments, to how stingy people are with donations. 

It's no surprise, Las Vegas came in at number one. Our friends in New York came in third. Philadelphia ended up at number 8! 

We're in good company. Miami is number 7 and Chicago is 9th. 

Apparently, we rank high in jealousy and greed lol. I don't see that, but they crunched the numbers not me haha. 

Anyways, the whole list is available here. By the way, do you want to know which city is the goody-two-shoes of the bunch? South Burlington, Vermont. Not Burlington, South Burlington. Probably it did so well is it's mostly made up of moose haha. 

A picture of Philly's skyline (in case your forgot lol) 

(Photo by Bill McCay/Getty Images for #TackleEbola)


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