Ariana Grande Shares Text With Halsey About Two Ladies Taking Over iTunes

There's nothing more empowering in this world than people supporting one another -- especially when it's two of our favorite ladies BONDING over the fact that they concur the #1 & #2 spot on the iTunes chart! (Cardi B & Nicki Minaj.... take lessons ladies cause this is how it's done)

Rather than hatin' on each other for who came in first or second, Halsey and Ariana Grande exchanged some text messages congratulating one another on their successful tracks and how important that success IS because world 'needs [those ladies] rn'

Halsey's "Without Me" just bumped Ariana Grande's "Thank You, Next" out of the top spot-- but both are bonding about the fact that their failed relationships can shine a light on the success of being a strong woman! 

Which is why Ari took to her Instagram story to share the support of the two lady bosses <3 

If this doesn't get you through your day then IDK what will! 

GIRLS RULE, Boys.... ya know. 😘


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