WATCH: Kesha and The Struts Perform on Fallon

Did you see the Kesha and The Struts on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" last night?!? They were AMAZING!!!! Kesha and The Struts started the song in like a dialogue. It just got cooler from there. You can check it out below. 

Anyways, what's even cooler is that they're going to be at Ovation Hall at Oceans Resorts Casino in Atlantic City TOMORROW (Friday, Nov 16)!!!! This is going to be Kesha's only performance on the East Coast this year. After watching their performance on Fallon, I'm pretty sure this is a concert you're going to want to see! 

What's even cooler is that some of my friends from Q102 are going to be there to see the show. Raph is going to be DJ-ing the pre-party AND the after-party (ask him to play something weird lol) and Rach is going to be HOSTING the show! So it's going to be Kesha, The Struts, Raph and Rach all in one place!!! How cool is that?!?

Well, I can make it cooler: we still have some tickets to win! Click here to find out when we're giving them away on the station today. 

Honestly, since there's a lot of people who want these tickets and we only have a few left, I'd suggest you buy them now before they sell out. It's an amazing last-minute Friday night event that you'll remember forever. There are tickets available for everybody's price range. 

This is a can't-miss concert. Go get your tix now



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