Demi Lovato Is Feeling Good After Leaving Rehab

I'm happy to hear that Demi Lovato is doing well after finishing 90 days of treatment in rehab. People Magazine is reporting that the singer is spending half her time at a sober living facility and the other half with her mom.   

Sources close to the singer say she's been finding support with fashion designer Henry Levy, who's dealt with his own issues before and is a providing support throughout the process. 

Right now, Demi's number one priority is her health, as it should be. You might remember Demi posted her first IG post in a while showing off that she voted, with the caption, "I am so grateful to be home in time to vote!" 

I'm so glad that Demi is on the right track and surrounding herself with people who want the best for her. I genuinely hope it continues and she continues to get better. 



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