Attn 90s Kids, You Can Get a Reptar Bar from Rugrats

This brings back the feels! Remember the show "Rugrats" on Nick? One of the things they talked about all the time was Reptar and the Reptar Bar. It was always a dream to have one and now that dream is about to become reality. 

The music store, FYE, is selling the Rugarts' Reptar Bar Deluxe. The store sold the bar last year and because of the positive response, they're doing it again this year! 

The Reptar Bar has a milk chocolate shell that's mixed with caramel and nuts. In the middle, there's the green frosting that'll turn your tongue green, just like in the TV show. 

The Reptar Bar will be sold in two different packages. One has Tommy Pickles and Chuckie Finster on the front, while the other is more Christmas-decor like.

They're also going to be selling a less fancy version, that's just a rectangular chocolate bar, the filling inside this one is blue rather than green. 

You can check it out here


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