Ariana Grande Let Her Exes Listen to "thank u, next" Before It Dropped

This weekend, Ariana Grande dropped a new song called, "thank u, next" where she sings about her exes. It's really not a shady song as she thanks each of them for teaching her something. She did release it 30 minutes before her ex, Pete Davidson, was about to go live on "Saturday Night Live," but as far as breakup songs go, it's really pretty civil. 

Ariana names some of her exes in the song like Pete, Big Sean, Ricky, and Mac Miller. 

Ariana was on Twitter when one of her fans talked about Ricky and Big Sean's reaction to the song, when Ariana replied, "they heard it before it came out." 

There's no word on whether Pete heard before it dropped, but what a classy thing to do. She could've released it and never gave her exes a heads up, which is kind of crappy, but she decided to take the high road and let them know. 

I can only imagine the conversation between Ariana and her exes. It must've been somewhat awkward but they all must be on good terms.

Anyways, take a listen to the song below. 



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