Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is Marrying Laurens on Jerz-Day!

Not only is today Jerz-Day -- but we're taking the Jersey Shore dedicated day to the NEXT level with a WEDDING! 

The notorious Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino is marrying his college sweetheart Lauren(s) Pesce today! Yes... the extra 'S' is necessary-- if you know, you know. 

They're both totally blowing up social media with what seems to be something close to wedding vows! Okay...maybe not, but they're definitely doing a great job in making us feel like we're basically there with them! 

Who's obviously by their side on this special day in New Jersey, is the entire cast of the MTV hit show that still continues to conquer our TV screens on Thursdays. 

PSA: Tonight's episode will most likely NOT be a live taping of the ceremony... so if you hoping for that then keep your eyes peeled on instagram instead -- but we're probably more interested in what goes down during the reception anyway, right?! 




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