Cardi B Starring on "The Nanny" Reboot is Getting More Real

This would be a dream come true if it actually happens. Fran Drescher, the star and creator of the 90s sitcom, "The Nanny," says she's talking to Cardi B's team for the singer to star in the reboot. 

If you're confused, let me get you caught up. A few weeks ago Cardi B posted this picture on Instagram: 


Fran Drescher responded to it saying, "Wait a minute, she’s from New York, we both have funny voices, she could be my daughter!” in an interview with People.

Cardi responded to that on Insta saying "I'm with it! This makes me so happy because I love her!" 


Naturally, people online have been freaking out and LOVING the idea. I would LOVE to see this reboot happen. Which brings us to now. Fran Drescher is also freaking out and wants this reboot to happen too. She spoke with "Extra" and said “[I’m] talking to her representation. It’s really getting me excited. It’s fresh and could be super fun.” Take a look at the video: 


Cardi B does have some TV experience. Before she was a superstar, she was on "Love & Hip Hop." She also played Mercedes on BET's "Being Mary Jane." 


With Cardi being a new parent, acting in a TV show might be perfect for her. She wouldn't have to tour around the world but she could continue to be on our minds through the show and she could also work on new music all while spending time with baby Kulture. 

I'm really excited about this Nanny reboot and I hope it gets off the ground with Fran and Cardi! 


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