Traveling Instagram Baby May Soon Be The Youngest 50 States Club Member!

Is this not the cutest little baby you've ever seen⁉️

Meet Harper, she's just 5-Months old and has already seen more of the US than I can say for myself, and I'm sure most people! She's been on a 4 month long road trip with her parents, Cindy & Tristan Yeats, who hope to show their baby girl the world one day. Before she's 6-months old, Harper is projected to be the youngest member of the Fifty States Club! 

The Australian - Canadian family plans to end their trip around the United States this week-- on October 18th!  Thus marking the club initiation for baby Harper. 

Check out how stinkin' cute she is! This little girl made it all the way to PA to say haaaay

But if you wanna see my absolute fave pic of all-- it's getting the #feels looking at this insta-famous baby take on the Rocky steps at the Art Museum in Philly! 

& Yes... I said insta-famous... ma girl's got over 21K followers! Keep on going, Harper! 

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