Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live Visits Pats with a Special Guest

We all love Guillermo, Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Guillermo is making his way across the country from LA to NYC for Jimmy's Brooklyn shows. One of his stops was Philadelphia!

Where did Guillermo end up in Philly? At Pat's King of Steaks of course! Guillermo was behind the counter when Jimmy checked in on him. One of the owners, Frank, who's the great-nephew of Pat, was working with Guillermo to make the cheesesteaks for the line outside. Apparently, Guillermo wasn't going fast enough! They do go fast there!

When asked how he wants his cheesesteak, Jimmy said "wit, of course, what do you mean without? Who would ever eat a sandwich without?!?" So Jimmy definitely knows the right way to order! 

When Guillermo moves over to the soda window, there's someone special working beside him. Take a look! 

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