Dua Lipa Surprises Jimmy Kimmel In His Bedroom

Imagine being fast asleep and Dua Lipa just shows up and performs! That's what happened to late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel. Dua Lipa showed up to his house, with a camera crew in tow. 

Dua Lipa gets to Jimmy's house a little after midnight. Her crew gets decked out in disco balls, lights and Dua Lipa even has a TASER! 

We see Dua Lipa go up the stairs, tell everyone to be quiet and opens the door to Jimmy's bedroom. She says that her "heart is beating so much." Same here. You never know how someone reacts when you surprise them awake. 

Okay so Dua Lipa walks in the room with what I guess is a smoke machine and before she can even start, the fire alarm goes off! Yay for safety but boo for ruining the surprise. Jimmy get startled but is a good sport.

After the performance, Dua Lipa asks Jimmy, "how much do you hate us right now?" He says, "this just keeps happening to me." 

Take a look:

Dua Lipa isn't the first performer to do this. Rihanna started the trend followed by Britney and Miley. 

Would you be down with a celeb waking you up in the middle of the night? I feel like it might be fun, although probably after the fourth time, I'd be done haha. 

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