This Reporter Gets a Scare Live on Camera

So a local reporter is reporting live from Utah. Right as she begins her report, an animal walks right in front of the camera. The reporter claims it's a dog, but it definitely does not look like a dog. The animal comes within inches to the reporter and she laughs it off. I definitely wouldn't have had the same reaction. I'd def be running the other way. The reporter continues on with her story and the animal continues to walk away without incident. 

After she's done with her story, she tosses it to the traffic anchor, who says what we're all thinking, that's not a dog. 

Take a look: 

Let's take a further look, here's a screenshot of the animal. 

We don't really see its face, but I do see pointy ears, a pretty wide body and a long tail. My amateur sleuthing skills, I think it might be a bobcat. They are known to be in Utah and it looks about the right size. In case you don't know what a bobcat looks like, here's a picture. 

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

So what animal do you think it is? How would you have reacted??? 

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