Gritty Tattoos Are Becoming A Thing In Philadelphia [PHOTO]

You know, a lot of people advise against getting a name tattoo of your significant other -- but it seems that Philadelphia Flyers fans are taking their love for the newest mascot Gritty to the extreme!

Apparently the Lorainne Bar creator Jimmy Lardani from Francisville, Philly decided to make his love for our beloved orange fur-ball a tad more permanent... with a tattoo reading "Chaos Reigns" above the face of the Flyers Mascot just two days ago. 

Yes... someone seriously got a tattoo of Gritty's face

But apparently this motion was anticipated pre-maturely on Twitter...

Now forgive me, but my first thought when Philadelphia gets a new mascot isn't "OH IMMEDIATE TATTOO IDEA"-- but then again, I haven't had the ink itch in a while.

But hey, props to this brave guy and the hand on the artist Steve Fawley who is now making Gritty tattoos a regular addition into his portfolio! 

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