What's the Most Popular Candy in PA, NJ and DE?

Halloween is right around the corner and all the stores already have their Halloween candy out and ready. Let's be honest, if you buy Halloween candy this early, it's not making it to Halloween haha. Anyways, CandyStore.com tracks the most popular Halloween candy for each state. While the top spot for our favorite candy in New Jersey and Delaware stayed the same, it changed in Pennsylvania! 

According to the site Pennsylvania's favorite candy is... Skittles! Yes, PA can taste the rainbow. Over 300-thousand pounds of Skittles were consumed in PA. It switched spots with M&Ms and candy corn came in third (really, candy corn???). According to CandyStore.com, this is the first time that Hershey's hasn't made the top three in its own state...ouch! 

New Jersey also tastes the rainbow with Skittles coming in first and M&Ms coming in second. Did you know that there's an M&Ms plant in Northwest Jersey? Third place goes to Tootsie Pops. The chocolate one is my favorite. 

Delaware switched it up on us. Lifesavers are first with over 21-thousand Lifesavers eaten. Candy corn is in second place followed by Skittles. Yup, the first state in the union likes candy corn over Skittles.  

Check out the full map with the top candy in each state below. If that doesn't load, click here to see the map and learn more. 


Photo by Joe Raedle / Staff - Getty Images.


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