Tristan Thompson Caught Leaving A Club With 2 Girls! [VIDEO]

UGH! The devil and the angel are on my should right now telling me two things:

1. There's always two sides to a story
2. Once a cheater, always a cheater

But for some reason, this video of NBA star Tristan Thompson leaving a club with his squad & 2 girls, just doesn't seem to be triggering the #2 option for me -- NOT TODAY, SATAN. 

It could just be because I LOVE Tristan's baby mama Khloe Kardashian, who was home with their baby True all night while Tristan was out.

But also, at the end of the video below, Tristan is seen getting into a car without anyone, including the girls, including his posse...which I know means nothing but also means everything.

I'M CONFUSED, so I can only imagine how Khloe must feel after this is incident #2 where Tristan has been caught cheating-- the first was confirmed when Khloe was actually PREGNANT with the baby... now this? 

What do you think? Thanks to Daily Mail -- Check the video/pics here


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