See the FIRST Trailer for Mary Poppins Returns


Disney just released the first official trailer for Mary Poppins Returns. It's not a remake of the classic movie (which is one of my faves) but rather takes place in the future with the Banks kids grown up with kids of their own. Check it out and let's talk about it below. 


How cool does that look? So it seems like Michael Banks grew a mustache (gotta be honest, not the biggest fan of it) and he's basically turned into his dad, which is why Mary Poppins came in the first place. If I was Mary, I'd be kinda upset, did he not learn anything the first time around?!?!? Also throwing out the kite from "Let's Go Fly a Kite?!?" that's rough!!! 

It seems that Micahel's wife died (it's a Disney movie, for whatever reason Disney movies love to kill off the mom) and life hasn't been the same for the family.

Mary being Mary, she flies down with the kite and shows up at their door. I was kind of worried that Emily Blunt was not going to do the character justice, but she seems AMAZING in the role. 

We see Mary and Jack, played by the uber-talented Lin Manuel-Miranda (do you think Jack will rap a song in the movie?) go into the animated world and we even see a glimpse of the penguins! I used to try to dance like that when I was little haha. 


We even see that Dick Van Dyke (who played Jack in the original) is back as the manager of the bank! Meryl Streep is even in it!!! The only person I don't see is Julie Andrews who was Mary Poppins in the original movie. We know that Julie has given the movie and Emily Blunt her full endorsement. I hope she has a cameo in this movie and I'm not alone! 


There's only one word for this trailer and it's 


Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters on December 19th! 


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