Drake Fan Scores Half Court Shot at Philly Concert & Wins $25,000! [VIDEO]

Aubrey and the Migos Tour is taking over the country and giving fans a technical & interactive experience wherever Drake goes.

This past weekend, Philly was graced by the presence of Drake at the Wells Fargo Center all weekend long! During the show, Drake takes a break and let's someone from the audience take a shot [literally] at $25,000 dollars of Drakes money. On night number 2 of the Philly tour, Drake brought out Joel Embiid to take on the "Half Court Shot Challenge" and MISSED [awkward]. 

But during the night 1 show that I had the honor of attending, I watched the UNTHINKABLE. A Philly Drake fan took on the challenge. WATCH!


First, the Fan went for the $500 shots and missed both. So naturally, the "In My Feelings" rapper felt confident that his money was safe. Until the fan came out of NO WHERE with a perfectly executed Half-Court shot...not only beating out Drake for his cash, but also Sixers' Joel Embiid who missed the shot the night after. 

So my questions is: HOW does one get selected to take a chance at Drakes cash, cause ya girl could use some help on her student loans....


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