Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Surprise People in NYC

Jimmy Fallon is on a roll! After co-hosting the morning show with Elvis earlier this week, Jimmy was out and about in Central Park surprising people with Justin Bieber! 


The twist is, no one knew it was them! They both donned wigs, mustaches, glasses and a suit and danced around Central Park. New Yorkers being New Yorkers didn't really bat an eye when two guys wearing suits with a camera crew started to dance near them. 

The two of them seemed to have so much fun! It was great seeing some of the kids get involved with dancing with them. Justin has some moves! 


I also think they enjoyed not being recognized. I guess that it must be nice being somewhat anonymous when people are always following you around. 

Why Central Park? Well, Jimmy did his show from there! It was the first time ever a late-night show has done a broadcast from the park. 

It's also been busy for Beiber. TMZ reports that Justin and his fiance Hailey Baldwin were at a New York courthouse that issues marriage licenses. 

It seems like they're both having fun and having a good time! 


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