Dunkin Donuts in Philly Is Giving Eagles Fans Patriots Cups?!

Hey yeah remember that time we thought it was hilarious that a Dunkin Donuts in Boston started giving Patriots fans their coffee in Eagles cups? 

Well yeah now the jokes on us... because according to a NBC 10, the Dunkin on Market Street by University City 'accidentally' served coffee to it's customers in a Patriots cup on Thursday. 


Fans started taking to social media to put the incident to question...

But don't worry, because the offending Dunkin Donuts issued an apology saying: 

We appreciate our loyal customers for bringing this to our attention, and we are taking steps to ensure all of our local stores are stocked with the correct cups. Fly, Eagles, Fly!


UGH --- apology accepted Dunkin', considering you've saved my life on way too many work days. #AmericaRunsOnDunkin


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