Nick Jonas Does a Surprise Staring Contest

Can I play??? Nick Jonas was hanging out at the BuzzFeed offices to play a game of surprise staring contest. The BuzzFeed employees knew they were doing a staring contest, but they didn't know with who until AFTER they opened up their eyes and the game had already begun. Take a look: 


Nick did pretty well, winning three out of the seven times. So that means the employees did better than Nick Jonas! 

My favorite was the guy with super wide eyes, he had his game face on (literally) and was determined to win. I think Nick was a little freaked out by it and decided to give him the win. 

Other than playing games at BuzzFeed, Nick is a very busy man. He recently got engaged to Priyanka Chopra.

He was recently with Priyanka along with his brother Joe and his fiancee Sophie Turner at the US Open. 


He also debuted a little mustache which fans are not totally on-board with! 


I think it looks cool though! What do you think???


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