2 Chainz is Opening Up a Haunted House

2 Chainz is gonna be Boo Chainz (I'll show myself out) for this Halloween season. The rapper is creating a hip-hop themed haunted house called "The Haunted Pink Trap" 


The haunted house will have three different stages. According to WSB-TV, the first is a regular haunted house, in the second portion you have to fight off zombies and the third part requires you to use sound and touch to complete a maze of rooms BLINDFOLDED. 2 Chainz is not playing around!!!

The house has it's own Insta account and it's already posted a video of someone walking down a pink hallway. 


To be honest, this looks kind of scary and it seems like a great new take on the regular haunted houses. I kind of want to wait and see how it all goes the first weekend before saying it's amazing though.

Tickets are going to start at $15. If you want to head down to ATL it's going on from September 21st through November 11th. Would you go?

PS. Don't want to make the trip all the way down? We're going to be doing some spooky stuff up here, just keep an eye out on Q102's website! 


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