VIDEO: Marshmello Runs the American Ninja Warrior Course

Go Marshmello! The EDM artist may be a little bit quiet but he's great at the American Ninja Warrior course! Mello gets past the first few obstacles and then stops at the double walls to figure out his plan of attack.

He gets through the walls with ease and finishes the entire course without falling! Take a look: 


Mashmello is good, but since we don't know who's under the helmet, do you think it was someone else being Marshmello completing the course for the real one? I'm not sure. The hosts say he's a big fan of the show and Marshmello looks about the same height as how we've seen him in the past, plus his cool victory dance looks familiar. 


So did the "real" one complete the course? I guess we'll never know. Mello seems pretty good on his feet, take a look at a dance he did with a Bollywood actor. 


So what do you think??? Whether it was really him underneath or not, I got to give him props, it's not easy doing the American Ninja Warrior Course with a helmet on! 


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