Post Malone's Home Was Target For Robbers, But They Hit The Wrong House...

I saw the most HILARIOUS meme today....

It said "Whoever has Post Malone's Voodoo Doll needs to Chill

And I couldn't agree more! It's like one thing after another for the poor singer!

Weeks ago he endured a terrifying Plane incident, where the pilot had to circle the aircraft for HOURS after the landing gear broke during take off. 

Next, we find out that over the weekend-- Post was involved in a scary car accident that resulted in a tweet that read: 

" god must hate me lol "

And NOW, all we can do is chuckle-- because Gun-bearing robbers attempted to break into Post Malone's San Fernando Valley Home according to TMZ, however; Post no longer lives there...

Apparently, 3 men entered the home demanding to see Post after stealing about $20K worth of jewelry, cash, cell phones and more -- which police believe to signify an intended target on the rapper himself. 


But hey, ya know what-- one of the many reasons why we love Post Malone is because he has this way of making light out of all of his pretty darn crappy situations. 

Like taking a picture with the car that smashed his, ya know? Cause, why not? 



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