Hookah Bar Owner in Philly Accused of Beating Former Employee

As someone who just moved back into the City of "Brotherly Love" -- stories like this absolutely HORRIFY me! 

Let me just preface this by saying that Philly has and always will be my city. But it's a scary world we live in nowadays...especially if you're a girl walking around by yourself. Thankfully, I've taken some self defense classes in my day just to be prepared in situations that we shouldn't even have to anticipate as women, but sadly do. 

Unfortunately, Tiffanie Amber has taken to Instagram to spread the word about a local Philly hookah bar in Northern Liberties, Orient Hookah Lounge, that she apparently used to work at. Her post reflects an incident on Sunday night that quite frankly gave me chills-- On her walk back to her car from her new job, she was faced with an emotion that no women OR man should ever have to feel...helplessness


Thankfully, Philly Police were called to the scene and are conducting an investigation into the situation. But in the meantime, Tiffanie has used the social media platform to show an outpouring of love and support from other locals/friends who have claimed to have negative experiences at the lounge as well & are simply interested in her well-being. 


This blog is not meant to trash anybody or any company-- but to simply state the fact that things can happen to even the most un-expecting and undeserving person. Women are STRONG and precious gifts given to man, who should treat them as God intended.  Please be aware of your surroundings and in all you do; Show love to those who do wrong to you, because they're the ones who need it the most. 


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