UPDATE: Florence Barreling Into The Carolinas; East Coast

UPDATE (9/11/18 @ 6:01PM) 

Florence's path looks like it's directly heading for the Carolinas with expected landfall on Friday Morning. 

The Governor of North Carolina is urging residents to "gather supplies for several days".

The South Carolina Governor is evacuating much of the coastline as Florence gains strength and is headed to hit by the end of the week. 

Just when you thought we were getting relief from the heatwaves and warm weather, there's a new natural threat to be worried about. 


It looks like the first real threat to our area could be Tropical Storm Florence. It is still early to make a call, but plenty of weather models suggest that Florence will become a major hurricane and will threaten the United State East Coast by mid-week. The affected areas could include the MId-Atlantic region in places like the Carolinas and Virginia. Philly and the Northeast would see a lesser threat unless the hurricane makes its way up the Eastern Seaboard. 

I wouldn't be TOO alarmed, but ya know the drill...bread, eggs, milk. (PS I don't understand WHY we stock up on THOSE SPECIFIC items, unless you're going to make some mean french toast with the electricity you may or may not have.) 



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