Good News for Johnny Bobbitt, the Philadelphia Homeless Vet

Don't worry, there's a happy ending to this story. A couple was accused of misusing the $400,000 they raised for Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless veteran in Philadelphia, through GoFundMe.  

The couple, Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico were driving through Philly when their car ran out of gas. Johnny offered to spend his $20 to buy gas for them. The couple wanted to do something nice for Johnny so they set up a GoFundMe that thousands of people donated to. 

However, Johnny through an attorney, alleges that he did not receive all the money and that the couple misused it. 


Police and a judge got involved. A search warrant was issued for the couple's apartment and a judge ordered the two last week to hand over the remainder of the funds to Johnny's law firm, but Johnny's lawyer says the money is allegedly all gone. 

GoFundMe, the service that hosted the donation drives says it will step in and provide the $400,000 to Johnny. According to CNN, they have a GoFundMe Guarantee, which protects donors and beneficiaries if the funds are misused. 

I'm glad that Johnny is getting the money he deserves and it's horrible that it had to come to this. The vast majority of GoFundMes are reputable and help people, but since you're donating to a person rather than an organization, there will always be bad apples. If you want to help the homeless or any cause, there are some great charities that have much more oversight from officials than just someone's GoFundMe page. If you're looking for good organizations, Charity Navigator can help. 



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