Made In America Pole Climbers Taking Philly Tradition Too Far? [VIDEO]

Someone please help me understand this "pole climbing" fad that our city has gotten into...

Don't get me wrong, I love attention and an elevated surface as much as the next Philly Native-- but dear Lord, how does one find a correlation between pole climbing, heaving drinking, heights, police officers and our beloved city light poles! 

Dating back to the Eagles big win last February; that's when we first got a glimpse of how acrobatic Birds Fans can be.  It quickly turned into a nationwide statement for Philadelphia, and also a safety hazard for the city police where they in turn-- greased the poles to stop people from climbing! 

But who knew the tradition would carry onto the Made In America Festival this past Labor Day weekend! Now I don't know if I'm just getting old or what, but watching some young kids doing pull-ups on the light poles that I KNOW I pay city tax for...really didn't sit well with me and my pre-motherly instincts... has Philly taken this pole climbing thing too far when it starts to damage our city? 

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