VIDEO: Drake Bell REACTS to Josh Having a Baby

I already told you that Josh Peck from Nick's "Drake and Josh" is having a baby with his wife Paige O'Brien. But we didn't know how Drake Bell would react. For a little bit of time they weren't best friends because Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding. The good news is they seem to be friends again. 

Back to the reaction. Josh filmed a YouTube video of him telling his friends the baby news. One of the friends he told was Drake! Take a look. (Note: The video should start right with Drake and Josh talking, but if it doesn't you can skip to about 11:39.) 

The first question Drake has is, "Dude, are we that old?"   

Josh says they are. I don't think that's true, though the last episode they filmed was 11 years ago! 

The next (and more important question, IMO) is if Drake will be called "Uncle Drake." Josh says of course! Drake says he's going to teach Josh's baby to play guitar! How cool is that?!?!? 

The idea of Drake having a kid so they can have their own tv show sounds like an AMAZING idea! (Drake gave his seal of approval!)

They end it with a hug, which really feels like all is right in the world. 

Drake added to the fun with his own video on Insta. Apparently, Drake shouldn't babysit because the last time he did the baby ended up on the roof (throwback, see below). 

Anyways, it's worth watching the whole video as Josh breaks the news to other famous friends. 

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