Starbucks Brings Back Pumpkin Spice Lattes Tomorrow, Too Soon? [POLL]

I feel like this holiday comes earlier and earlier every year...and by holiday, yes-- I mean the return of #PumpkinSpice to our beloved Starbucks.

Let's be honest with ourselves, we're holding onto summer and the last bit of Vitamin D that we have left before we start embracing the fall fashion and colder seasons. WHY in the world, are we wishing it upon ourselves earlier than we need to?!

Don't get me wrong, love it or hate it -- Pumpkin Spice is the staple and official start of the fall season. But why, Starbucks, must we bring it sooner than necessary. 

Of course everyone's emotions are running high! Because no one really knows if we should be excited or depressed about the release of Pumpkin Spice starting tomorrow -- it's a rollercoaster of cinnamon pumpkin stress.

How do you feel about tomorrow's pre-mature (or not) holiday? Take our poll on Twitter (@Q102philly) and let your spicy voice be heard!   

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