Philly Professor Only Ate McDonalds for a Month

This is one interesting study! A Drexel University professor ate nothing but McDonalds for an entire month! That's right, breakfast, lunch AND dinner had to be at the Golden Arches. 

How much weight do you think she gained? 

Well, she only gained A POUND for the entire month!

Assistant clinical professor of nutrition science at Drexel University, Nyree Dardarian, recorded her diet for a month before McDonalds and during the month she ate nothing but McDonalds. 

If you think she was eating Big Macs every day, sadly you're wrong.

A typical meal for her would be a coffee and a parfait for breakfast, and a sandwich or salad for lunch and dinner. 

She came up with a few go-to's that are healthier for your McDonalds order. 

By eating healthier at McDonalds she only gained a pound and her body fat and body mass index didn't change. 

Before you think this is some corporate PR stunt by McDonalds, the chain did not pay her nor did they have any idea. 

It brings up a good point, by making smart decisions and not banning things entirely you can still indulge in that fast food craving. There are days when it's the easiest option. Plus I love her tips, I'm definitely going to try french fries without the salt the next time I stop by! 

You can read more about the study here

Photo: @McDonaldsStudy on Instagram 

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