Rapper XXXTentacion Shot and Killed in Miami

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XXXtentcion is a big name in the rap world and his music is awesome to workout to, he's been on my playlist since his latest album came out and his song SAD is my jam. So when I got the TMZ alert on my phone this afternoon in the studio that he was shot I was kind of shocked. I say, kind of because the world he lived in was a bit of a dangerous world. I'm from Eau Claire, Wisconsin - I don't know much about that life... trouble in my city is a DUI or something else drinking related. When I hear about people getting robbed and getting shot it floors me whether it's a rap star or it's someone walking down the street.. I'll never understand this kind of violence. 

His latest album debuted at number one just a couple weeks ago and now he's dead because of a robbery? It just  doesn't seem like a reality that you can go shopping for a new motorcycle and the next minute you get shot and you're gone. It's a scary world out there... be safe.

The latest from TMZ is that he was pronounced dead at 2:40pm, but from the video circulating the internet that I saw (which I won't post here because it's something that shouldn't be posted on the internet) It looks like he was gone right away. 

RIP man. And I hope they get the guys that did it and quick before this gets even more out of control.

Fuck man today was goin so good I can't even explain how much I loved your music you were such an all around good person very loving very inspirational you became a whole new person in the past year and I watched every step of you from the crazy nigga who yells at the mic to a very positive artist I cried about the situation before it was definite that you were dead I still can't believe it rn I remember when my bro @nfgparis first put on your music and I was tuned in ever since your music became a part of me because there wasn't a day where I didn't listen to you I'm listening to your music rn heartbroken my prayers goes to your family I hope you rest peacefully love you x R.I.P. @xxxtentacion #xxxtentacion #longlivex #longlivexxxtentacion #ripx #dt #sadedits #sad

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