Trump vs our World Champ Eagles. Eagles Win

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney Says Trump Is Not True Patriot. Actually he said more than that, he went on to describe him as a 'fragile egomania obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party that no one wants to show up to" BOOOOOOM!

Lets be real, Kenney NAILED IT. Like totally nailed it. Trump should be embarrassed and if he were an actual human person he would be. If I were Trump I would jump on one of those sweet ass helicopters and fly to Philly and man up and say "you're the world champs, if you're not coming to me, I'll come to you and say great job!' And THEN if our Eagles blow you off, WE'RE  the jerks. Does he not have anyone on his staff that understands how to make it so he doesn't look like an A*****E? It's really not that hard...  we all do it every day.



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